Contact Plumbers in Stamford When You See These Warning Signs on the Main Sewer


Plumbers are your go-to professionals when you have any issues with drainage fixtures, be it domestic or the main sewage lines. They are the ones who can manage bad drainage systems and provide great solutions for the entire home as well as the main sewer.

But how do you understand when to call for a professional plumber service in Stamford? Are there signs to look for? Of course, there is. Here are the warning signs you need to keep a keen eye on.

Your Lawn Changes

Yes, your lawn can show you signs that the outdoor sewer is in a bad condition. This is because the sewage water pipes pass from under the lawn or garden of the house to the mains. Hence, if there is a leakage in the pipe, you might find a damp or wet spot in the soil.

Your Indoor Drains Back Up

Another obvious sign for bad main sewage is recurrent drain backup in the lower levels of your home. Your toilet might backup water each time you use the flush or even the shower. This indicates that there is an issue with the sewer connection and you need to call professional plumber in Stamford immediately.

Waste Water Stands for Long

Ever experienced standing water in your kitchen sink after you finish doing the dishes? Slow drainage is a nightmare for many as it may put the health of the family members at risk. The reason behind slow drainage can be either domestic or main sewage blockage.

If you keep an eye on these above-mentioned signs, you might be able to call for plumber in Stamford for help, just in time. And don’t you worry, the services aren’t that far away. “Beta Plumbing & Heating” services has your back every time you need professional help.

Besides plumbing, the company offers heating services in Stamford too. For perfect solutions for your plumbing and sewage needs, contact us today.

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